The Perfect Host Reviews

Jul 15, 2010

“…a seamlessly crafted story that keeps you guessing with every scene. The police thriller meets twisted comedy meets love story features excellently developed characters and off the wall plot twists…one of the most exceptional and unpredictable films that I have seen in the past year.”
- Jeanette D. Moses, Salt Lake City Slug
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“Without wanting to give anything away, it should just be said that of all films that are labeled as ‘psychological thrillers’, The Perfect Host is one of the most deserving. The film evolves into a clever cat-and-mouse game between Warwick, his captor, and a police detective (Nathaniel Parker) who’s closing in on solving that bank robbery. The Perfect Host is the best kind of project for big-name actors looking for something different. Host is different and in all the best ways!”
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“The first film I saw there was actually one of my favourites. The Perfect Host, a dark comedy about a dinner party gone wrong, and starring the excellent David Hyde Pierce, as the camp and psychotic host. It is full of twists and turns so much so that a broader synopsis might give too much away. Hopefully it’ll find its way into UK cinemas soon.”
- Greg Ash,
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